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What Help Is Available Now?

There are many organizations in Athens that work together to help people experiencing homelessness meet basic needs and get out of homelessness toward a better future. The resources section of this site has contact information for most of the major services and agencies.

There are several shelters in the area that serve varying populations and have different requirements for entry. Some shelters pay for hotel rooms while others have dedicated facilities. Bigger Vision and other shelters also provide food, water, and other critical supplies to people who drop by.

Many people experiencing homelessness are eligible for the state Medicaid program. Free clinics around Athens also provide primary care. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and  Developmental Disabilities, along with Advantage Behavioral Health, provides free mental health treatment. Advantage's crisis line can be reached at 1-800-715-4225. If someone is in danger of hurting themselves or others, always call 911.

Advantage and other providers also offer Rapid Rehousing, a program that helps people get into housing by paying their rent, security deposits, and utilities for several months. Public housing is also an option, but wait lists can be up to two years long.

Advocacy services such as case management, street outreach, and even free legal help can also be found in the resources section.

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