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The Abundant Life Program is made possible thanks to Bigger Vision's Premier Program Partner, Wells Fargo

Thank you Wells Fargo for supporting our Abundant Life participants as they navigate the path toward sustainable housing!

Premier Program Partner

Abundant Life Program

The Abundant Life Program provides a maximum of five guests with continuous shelter for up to six months as they work toward obtaining long-term, stable housing. Accepted applicants will have a guaranteed bed every night without having to call in and a place to store their possessions during the day.

All participants must be on one of the following pathways to be considered for the program:

  1. Full-time Employment

  2. Participating in job skills training or willing to do so

  3. Awaiting military enlistment 

Accepted applicants will set goals for their housing, finances, mental health, job skills, and other areas at the start of the program. To help participants meet these goals, Bigger Vision requires attendance at weekly case management meetings to check in on goals, work on budgeting, and discuss individual barriers to achieving their goals. 

Informational sessions occur every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Interested applicants must attend a session before beginning the application process. If this time does not work, please call 706-340-6062 ext. 5 to arrange another time. Attending a session does not guarantee entrance to the program. After attending the information session, applicants must complete an individual interview and fill out an application to be considered for entry.

Accepted participants are required to abide by all the rules in the Guest Handbook and Abundant Life Agreement. 

Am I Eligible to Apply?
  • 18 years or older
  • Meet at least one pathway requirement
  • Abide by the Guest Handbook
  • Abide by the Abundant Life Agreement
Steve Butkiewicz's Story
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