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Our Values

Accountability and Transparency
As a nonprofit community organization, we are transparent and honest about our activities, and are accountable to the community through our Board of Directors.
Quality and Innovation
Our services will be effective, efficient, and innovative as part of our ongoing effort to maximize the public good achieved by our organization.
We do what we say we will without allowing conflicting interests to interfere with the mission, vision, and values of our organization.  
Diversity and Cultural Competency
We value diversity in our community and seek to promote it in all that we do. This includes valuing the cultural differences that exist in our community.
Community and Inclusiveness
We seek to maximize the degree to which our community (the greater Athens area) is inclusive, especially with respect to people with disabilities, cultural differences and diverse interests.
We seek to work in close collaboration with other organizations in our community to make sure that gaps in service delivery are addressed, duplication is avoided, and outcomes are maximized.
Stewardship, Sustainability, and Efficiency
We strive to use the monetary and other resources at our disposal in ways that maximize the impact made. We look to ensure the financial sustainability of our organization through efficient operations, conservation of funds, and the identification of funding sources and other resources. 
Flexibility, Individuality, and Self-Determination
We value the ability of all individuals to make their own decisions, form their own beliefs, and chart their own course in life. 
Equity, Social Justice, and Action
We are motivated to help people reach their potential, achieve their dreams, and become valued members of the community in ways that reflect the person’s interests and natural abilities.
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